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Read about my psychology research, including the role of gestures in deception Listen to my compositions, ranging from piano solos to full orchestral scores See a range of illustraion work I've created, including logo design and newspaper cartoons
Daniel Gurney BSc (Hons) MBPsS PhD FHEA CPsychol


Daniel works at the University of Hertfordshire as a lecturer in nonverbal psychology and research methods. His research examines the function of gestures across various communicative situations and the process through which gestures convey information to others.

Outside of university, Daniel composes a rich variety of music, ranging from solo piano pieces to full orchestral scores. His work focuses on memorable themes and has been used by various media, including a BBC radio show.

Previously, Daniel has also worked as an illustrator. His artwork has been used to illustrate magazines and newspapers nationwide, and in a UK animated sitcom.

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